IH3 #718: Lesbian Superhero Hash! (A Wild Jiffy Appears!)

Fresh off of Stinko (and the several margaritas that we downed tonight), it has been decided that there should be a hash this Sunday! And not just an ordinary run-of-the-shiggy hash, but a f*cking awesome hash complete with lesbians (at least one) and superheros (self-proclaimed).Who is haring? PG and the infamous Jiffy Lube (who hasn’t hashed with us since November 2011 — YES we’re counting!)

At the bottom of Lickbrook and Treman State Parks.
Highway Cluster F*ck where 13 South, 34B South, and 96 South all converge and separate. Drive south on 13 past Treman State Park. Right before the highways split into 13S, 34, and 96 and immediately after you go over a small bridge, turn left into a hidden parking lot next to the creek. If you’ve gone up hill and onto 34 or 13, you’ve gone too far!

2:69pm HST Sunday May 11th

How much?
$5, your sexuality, and your dignity

What should I wear?
Your best lesbian outfit. Or superhero outfit. Or lesbian superhero outfit. (Or corset from Stinko that you want to wear because goddammit that’s why)

What if I’m at NURD all weekend?

Then you get to hash when you get home too! You can regale us with all your hash weekend stupidity and we’ll make you drink for being hungover.

Can I bring my dog, virgin, mom, dildo, blowup doll?

Yes of course. All are welcome. Virgins will need to be leashed for part of trail.

On-Wonder Woman was definitely a lesbian,