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IH3 #750: March to Virgil Madness

Hey wankers –  IT’S SPRING! And this Sunday is IH3 750*!!!!!
*In Spike We Trust, I can barely count to three flour markings.
So get out of hibernation and come play with us in Cortland!  Hares Deer Near, Kickstand, and One Trick Dick (ordered alphabetically by height) have all the trail and drinks needed to get you through your  hashing withdrawal!
Theme, like college basketball or weather, is March Madness, so wear anything you think is appropriate (which could turn into Marsh Madness or Mush Madness based on the rainy weather over next couple days, so any attire for that also appropriate).
When:  Sunday Sunday Sunday March 29 2015, 2:69 HST
Where:  DEC parking Lot on Clute Road in Cortland by Pipeline Road.  (2500 Clute Road, Cortland NY will get you closeish, call a hare if you get lost).
What to Expect:  Awesomeness.  Dog Friendly Trail. Merriment.
What to Bring:  Hash cash, towel, virgins, sense of adventure, change of dry clothes and shoes.  If you have snowshoes or trax, consider bringing them; hares will advise at start of trail if they are advisable based on conditions from when we set.

IH3 #749: Twin Peeks V



Twin Peeks,Part We are not Sure Because We Skipped Things and Also, We are Just Not Sure : I Dunno, Let’s Go With 5?

When: Sunday March 15th 15:00 HST (3pm wanks) [she means 2:69 ADHDHST]
Where: Chez Head-2-Toe & Oakass :  61 Straits Corners Rd Candor.  [Don’t stop when you hear banjos.  Stop when you hear chickens.]
What/who to bring: Cchange of clothes, Virgins, comes latelys and your best green gear to honor the triple hash goddess.

Hounds are welcome if they don’t act like Nurse’s dogs. If not we will feed them to the meat eaters.[That escalated quickly.]
Head and Oakus will [allegedly] try and heat the barn with something that will [allegedly] not damage the brain cells you have left [after trail] , or we will have circle inside the house.
Hot tub will be open, suits are always optional. [After all, synthetic fabrics damage the uh, filters and so forth.]
Crash space available, but beware we get up early on Mondays. [Head is calling in sick on Monday, Nurse does not work on her actual birthday.]
On-On-On-Oooooooon this weekend is gonna hurt,
Head to Toe in Utero & Nurse TaKillYa (and super-not-secret-putting-up-with-us-hare Brown Hole Delivery, who is always rewarded for his efforts)

IH3 #746: Toothy’s Warm Farewell!


Many of us have been lucky enough to know Toothy Lunker over her many wonderful years with the Ithaca HHH. After more than 15 years and 75 trails, we must bid her a hearty cheers-and-sod-off as she prepares to embark to IH3 West in Boulder CO.
This Sunday, join CoCo and MB as they lay a trail worthy of sending Toothy unto the frozen highlands. Meet at the farm lot at 52 Mt. Pleasant Rd., near Pleasant Hovel at 1:69PM HST clad in suitable farewell costume — or red and orange to keep us warm.
There will be an outdoor fire for before and on-after; come with a dry bag, good socks/boots/gloves/hats, and hot beverages to share as necessary — and they will be.
Bring cums-latelies and hash prizes–where is the Horses Ass or the Hashit or the Hash cabinet?–memorabilia, ribbons, and probably not virgins since it will be slightly chilly.
Love and kisses,
MB & CoCo
PS: spread the word to longtime cums-latelies like Staffy Puller and Hung Man and Trojan and all them!

IH3 #745: Rice Hill Rocket Surprise

TRAIL THIS SUNDAY! (off week hash!!!)

Where: Rice Hill 
When: 2:00 HST
What to bring: tubes, sleds, snow shoes, snow pants, even X-country skis if you want. The snow is deep, up to my knee and up to Tasty’s vajay-jay.
Dogs: allowed on leash
Hares: Head and maybe another if he doesn’t break a hip between now and then.
Join Head for trail and sledding shinanagins.
Where: Rice Hill (can someone post a gps link, I'm dumb)<br />
When: 2:00 HST<br />
What to bring: tubes, sleds, virgins, drinking bones.<br />
Hares: Head and maybe another if he doesn't break a hip between now and then.<br />
Join me for trail and sledding shinanagins. ON-ON!!

IH3 # 741: Saturnalian Solstice Surprise!

​It’s a very special, very magical, very dark time of year, and so we must WAKE THE SUN!
Help Kickstand, Baster, and Just Katie rekindle the light in winter by bringing virgins, visitors, hashit, prizes, presents, and your sweet asses in sexy seasonal costumes to follow a magical Saturnalian trail in an enchanted land!Meet at a never-before-hashed-from start location at 1:69PM along Forest Home Drive past Flat Rock. Warm circle/on-after nearby at the Grand Mattress Pad at Pleasant Hovel.

(Those wishing to pursue an A-to-A+ option may wish to park their cars by the circle location and carpool/r*n to the start…)

IH3 #739: PG’s Ugly Sweater Hash!

Remember that hideous x-mas sweater you wore last year while you ran around town? Put it back on.
Don’t have an ugly x-mas sweater? Wear some red & green and get your ass in the festive mood.
Meet at the Fall Creek House (holy shit, they serve food there?!?). If it’s warm outside, we’ll drink outside and the beer will be free. If it’s cold, we’ll be pussies and buy pitchers inside.
On-festivus for the restofus,
Your hares — PG and virgin hare Arachnoflobia

IH3 #738: One Cock Ring to Rule The Mall!


**Where : Bag End 209 N Aurora St Ithaca (meet in parking lot behind Bool’s Flower Shop – but don’t park there or the Fire of Mount Doom will shoot out of Nurse’s eyes and fry your favorite bits)
**When : 2:69 HST

In honor of the final installment of the (unnecessarily serialized) epic Hobbit film release which is upcumming, trail this week will be Tolkien themed!

I am your host, Dildo Baggins and my co-hare Groin and I will be taking you on an epic adventure through the streets of the enchanted Gay Havens in search of Miruvor and Ale. Cum one, cum all in your traveling cloak and endeavor to solve the riddle that is trail set by one halfling and one halfmind.

Three Rings for the Hares under the sky,
Seven for Mismanagement in their halls of stone,
Nine for Hashers doomed to die,
One for the RA on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

On on party business,

Nurse TaKillYa (Dildo Baggins) and Brown Hole Delivery (Groin)

IH3 #737: WLGYPMPJ Trail

When: 2:69PM HST Hares away 2:74HST Pack away 2:79HST (5 minutes!)
Where: Rice Hill parking lot, up top
Why: Because there’s no snow; why not?
What to bring: dry bag, sled, wagon, virgins, hash prizes, leftovers from Vice/Turkle Day
Huh?: When life gives you poop, make poop juice!



IH3 #736 — Fertilizing Smashballs

Information for the next Ithaca Hash:

Hares: Fertilize Her and Captain Smashballs (participating in his virgin lay)
Where: Cass Park on the west side of the road near the baseball diamonds & Turtle
When: Sunday, November 23rd, 1:69 HST
Hash cash: $5

There is no theme for this hash, but since it is just before Thanksgiving, we will be thankful that trail is being set and beer will be drunk. Also, dry bags are always advisable.

Fertilize Her