IH3 #717–A Wild Fertilizer Appears!

Wankers and Wankettes,

So there I was, in freezing ass cold Trumansburg, when I was told that Ithaca has not missed a scheduled hash in over 4 years. True story? I have no idea. But I do know you never trust a hasher so there may have been some fabrication. Either way, I will be laying my first Ithaca trail this cumming Sunday.

Who: Fertilize Her
What: IH3 Hash #717
When: Sunday, April 27th 1:69 HST (2:09 EST)
Where: Finger Lakes National Forest – To the east of the intersection of Burnt Hill Rd and Mathews Rd where the Interloken Trail crosses Mathews Rd, Hector, NY (https://goo.gl/maps/1LoE4)
Why: Because there will be beer
How: Bring 5$ and your newest shoes to use as a vessel. We’ll explain the rest when you get there.

On-I’ll probably get lost when setting trail-on
Fertilize Her