Welcome to the Ithaca kennel
of the Hash House Harriers.

Every other Sunday at 1:69 pm, a bunch of drinkers with a running problem meet at a random place in/around Ithaca to grab a beer and run a 3- to 5-mile course that’s been chosen by one of the members. The course is a mystery, complete with false leads, clues, and beer stops along the way. “Running” a few miles has never been so easy!

Who can be a hasher?

Anyone 21 and over, with a good (somewhat adolescent) sense of humor and a love of adventure! You’ll meet hashers from all over the world who run more/less than you do, drink more/less than you do, and act more/less crazy than you!

If that sounds like fun, check out our Hareline page for upcoming hashes and give it a try!

A Drinking Club with a Running Problem