IH3 Anal Beast-Or-Egg!

Yup!!!  It’s THAT time of year again folks!
Floss’s Anal Beaster-Egg Hash!!!

SATURDAY4/19/20  (yep…day before that other bunny shows up)
2:69 HST
Taughannock Falls State Park (you know…the usual place for this trail…lol)

South point entrance

Large parking lot just north of the boat launch area

For those that don’t know, yeh, like no one knows about this awesome event, this is a “relatively” short trail with LOTS of BEER and goodies.
This also seems like an appropriate time to raffle off the sex toy basket I won at SOH4’s RDR last fall….IF enough people say they’re willing to toss in a buck for a chance to win it…AND I find some cheap raffle tickets.  SO SPEAK UP SUCH THAT I CAN PREPARE….or not.  🙂
The current weather looks a bit shitty.  Yeh, that sucks.  Temps in the mid-50s with a 40% chance of rain or SNOW.  Riiiiight….like we need more snow.  Hopefully we’ll get lucky….

On-After at Chez Floss where we’ll whip up another batch of Hasher F*ck Soup in the hot tub.  Maybe order pizza…if there’s interest.