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Hash #906

Cum one ... cum all ... cum often!!!

Cum join us next Sunday, September 8 for PG's Birthday Bash Hash in the Fingerlakes National Forest!

When: 2:69 HST
Cost: $5
Where: Fingerlakes National Forest at the end of Voorhies Rd in Reynoldsville

Dropped pin
Near 5480 Voorheis Rd, Trumansburg, NY 14886 

Hares: Tasty and Floss ... if we don't kill each other setting will certainly die running it!

3BN's and a Shot Stop await you!!

Hash #901

Cum to wonderful Bear Swamp for an early day hash, starting at 10:69. It will be A to A+ with an on after swimming option. 
Bonus – receive credit for Ithaca and Syracuse trails. 

Pin Drop.

Sunday’s trail is pet and virgin friendly. We may also have a bonus to commemorate the 3 week 900th trail celebration 🎉.

Trail is free for those who do the Homer campout and only 5 Susan B Anthonys for everyone else.


Hash #900

Hula Hash (4th Anal!)

Sunday, August 11, 2019, 2:69 HST

Location: Lick Brook Parking Area off of Rt 34/13

Come get lei’d at Hula Hash with your hares, ChubSucker and Shiggy Shaman! Taste the life of the islands by experiencing the exquisite aloha of the waterfalls, running across the hot volcanic terrain, exploring the wet tropical shiggy, and dancing and drinking wildly with the Tiki gods. (This is a swimming-optional trail.)

Getting to the parking area can be tricky. Pay attention to these directions!

When traveling south from Ithaca on Rt 13, stay in the left lane for Rt 34 (towards Spencer). After a few hundred feet you’ll drive beneath a bridge and come to a U-turn on the left. Turn left as if to head back north to Ithaca. The parking lot entrance is on the right, in front of the Brown Sign for the Historic Erie Canal Corridor??? (Something like that. Look for the Brown Sign!).

The parking area isn’t large. Carpooling is encouraged.


What else you need to know:

$5 hash cash.

Virgins get sacrificed for free. (Still not a cult!)

Leash your hash dogs.


Hash #898

Got BEE(R)s?

Join PG and Floss on Sunday July 14 at 2:69pm HST for a wet and wonderful journey through the wilds of BEE(R) country.

Start : Hammond Hill parking lot on Hammond Hill Road (42.437115,-76.305705) —Don’t try to take this road from the south or you’re gonna have a bad time. Enter from Irish Settlement Road.

$5 gets you Wild T(r)ail, Bee(r)s, and (Boo)bees. Wear your best beekeeper suit, yellow/black stripes, or strap-on your own stinger. Maybe hashers (Floss) will get lucky this year and we can become friends with the bees*.

Virgins welcome! Bring leashes for dogs and a dry bag for after. Swimming optional.

*except for ground bees — f*ck those f*ckers

Hash #897

Let’s Get Wet Trail

When: Sunday, June 30 at 2:69 HST

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot

Springtime in Ithaca was waaaay too dry, so let your hares, Shiggy Shaman and Doris Dicktoria, lead you to the moist wet places. Hash cash is $5. Virgins come for free. Dogs must be leashed. And bring a dry bag because, you know, MOIST.

This trail has options to swim or just wade or just stay dry (if it’s not raining!). All water preferences should be ok with this trail.

On-after at Buffalo Wild Wings because it’s easy, just like any hasher.

Hash #896

Okay, degenerates and degenerettes!

Corndog’s Escaping Ithaca Weather and Moving to Florida Trail.

Like everything else Corndog has ever laid, the trail will be short, flat, and shiggy-free, and probably amusing.

Sunday’s off-week, on-out hash meets at 1:69, by the old duck pond (along the lake at the very far corner of Stewart Park – by the old boat house).

I hate to over-promise, but it might well be the most-fun trail you’ll take part in all afternoon! Be there or… be elsewhere.

You all know where Stewart Park is, right?

$5 Hash Cash

Virgins are free

Hash #894–#895

JUNE 15 & 16  Tastes Like 10th Grade

It’s been a long, cold, wet spring and IH3 is ready to welcome a long, hot, wet summer!

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the solstice than to bark at the full moon and dance around the fire (clothing optional!), singing joyous songs to Juno, Apollo, Gispert and Bacchus!

Join Tastes Like 10th Grade for an evening trail followed by optional camping with bonfire.

Location: Foster Pond Parking Lot on Potomac Rd., Burdett, NY in the Finger Lakes National Forest

For those who are planning to camp, there is a large RUSTIC campsite just a short walk from the parking lot (pit toilets are just down the road in the Potomac Camp Ground). Bring a dish to pass or something to cook over a campfire. I will provide wood (more wood always welcum!), snacks, beer, water, and bagels for breakfast. Parking is available for car/bus camping.

Date: June 15, 2019

Time: Hare off for live trail at 8:45 PM

Bring: Cranium Lamps or other light source
Dry Bag
Bathing Suit if weather allows
Flotation Devices
Tent and Sleeping Bag

Hash Cash: $5.00

(Watch for updates due to Climate Change)

But wait! You don’t just get one trail from Tasty; you get TWO trails!

Stay to play on Sunday, June 16, for another exciting trail!

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Foster Pond Parking Lot on Potomac Rd., Burdett, NY (same as previous night, duh!)

Hash Cash: $5.00

Bring: Dry Bag, Hash Awards, Virgins, Dogs, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Your Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day by taking him hashing! RU a dad? Bring the kids! Show us how powerful your sperm is!

Camping may continue into Monday, weather permitting, so feel free to stay and get a load on!

Hash #893

On behalf of CumBoy Wonder and Shittalkie:

Come one, come all, and celebrate National Candy Month with a candy laden trail that will surely satisfy your thirst for candy. There will be shiggy and ticks and cold frothy beverages to wash down sugary sweets!  

Hash Cash $5, Virgins free. Canines welcome!
When: Sunday June 2nd
Time: 2:69 HST
Place: Connecticut Hill, Park at the radio tower on Tower Rd in Newfield NY.
Bring: Bug and Tick Spray, hookers, midgets, a hunger to have a Sweet in your mouth.
Hares: Cumboy Wonder and Shit Talkie

Hash #881

Join the 3 Hos of Ithaca for IH3’s 12 Stops of Hashmus!
Deck your balls with all that’s festive and jingle your way around town with us as we celebrate the season. Santa is cummin’ to town and he’s only looking for the naughty hashers!

Hos: PG, Flowbie, Handy
When: Sunday, December 16th @12:69pm HST
Where: 210 S Corn St, Ithaca (Gashby’s!)
(parking on the street or the nearby FLX Fitclub lot)
$10 for all the fun that can fit in your stocking!

Hash #874

Shave the date and time ….

Ye is invited to attend the 30th Analversary Trail of the Ithaca Hash House Harriers to be held on Sunday, October 7th, at 1:69 in the afternoon at the trail head on Stone Quarry Road.

Parking is somewhat limited in this area, so please carpool if possible.
Also, due to traffic, and silly college students, it is recommended that Fido stay home for this trail.

Hash cash for this Trail will be $10 because there is an extra surprise in store for you lucky wankers.

30 Years of BEERs!!!