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Hash #907

Friday the 13th and a full moon?!?

Your full moon superstition hash hares, Tastes Like Tenth Grade and PG, are not letting that opportunity pass!

Wear your best slasher costume or black cat bodysuit and meet at the top of the Seneca Street parking garage at 6:45 pm HST on this Friday the 13th.

Bring $5 and a light source. It’s gonna get dark and scary out there.

Hash #905

Your hares, Brown Hole Delivery and Nurse TaKillYa bring you the 6th ANNUAL ITHACA H3 KAYAK HASH!

SUNDAY September 1
1:00 p.m. ADHDHST
Cass Park Boat Launch
$5 hash cash

🎶Makin’ your way in the world today
Takes all the booze ya got
Takin’ a break from all the muggles
Sure would help a lot

🎶Wouldn’t you like to hash todaaaaaay? 🎶

🎶Sometimes you wanna go
Where nobody knows your name
And you’re always glad you came 💦
You wanna be where you can see
The trails are marked all the same
You wanna go where
Nobody knows your naaaaaame

🎶You wanna be
Where you can see
The muggles are all the same
You wanna go where
Nobody knows your naaaaaame


Get a boat, wear a life vest (non-negotiable!). Kayaks, canoes, and SUPs all welcome. Note the early start time!

Hash #890

The Beaster Bunny is Cumming!

The Beaster Bunny is Cumming!

When: 4/20 (Y’all know what that means in Ithaca…. )

Where: Taughannock Falls State Park, North Point Parking lot

Time: 12:69 PM

How Much: $10

Hares: Butt Floss and Porcelain Goddess

On After: Chez Floss with a keg of BEER

Hash #889

After you’ve participated in or aided and abetted r*cism on Sunday morning at our beloved local Skunk Cabbage event, come show off how stanky you got. 

Wear your brightest whites and darkest blacks, stripes and tails encouraged! 

Be ready to chase your Live Hares, Baster and Tasty, through the rabid wild.

Leashed dogs! 
Dry bag! 
Your vessel!
Hash awards!

Leave at home:
Your dignity 

Hash #888

The P*ssy Hash is back and your hares are taking you Cross Cuntry. Join Flowbs, LayzHer, and Peeg for an education in all things p*ssy.

Trail starts at Juniper Drive terminus on the South Hill Recway and delves deep into the crevices and folds of Ithaca. Meet at 2pm HST Sunday March 24 dressed as your favorite p*ssy. Extra points if you’re anatomical.

$5 gets you p*ssy-licious trail, beer, shots, and a knowledge of p*ssy that will astound your friends and family. Virgins and dogs are welcome, but should be leashed around p*ssy.


Hash #887

You Can Pick Your Theme But You Can’t Pick Your………………Trail

Wankers! This cumming Sunday, March 10th, will be the most celebrated day for….heh, get this: National Mario Day!, National Blueberry Popover Day!, National Day Light Savings Day!, National Pack Your Lunch Day!, and National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Join the threesome of March hares: Great Gashby, Shiggy Shaman, and, special guest, 50 Shades of Glaze for a well-hared and hounded romp around Ithaca. With so many fine holidaze on this date, we’re letting you do the choosing of how you wanna cum to trail. So, for example, if you want to pack blueberry popovers in your lunch and bring it to trail dressed as a Super Mario Bros character, show up an hour off of what time you think it might be, (because who can re-member what time it is?), and tell every woman and girl you meet about HIV and AIDS, go ahead!

When? 1:69 HST (Don’t forget to reset your clocks at 2am prior to this.)

Where does trail begin? At Great Gashby’s abode, 210 S. Corn Street, Ithaca

Why? Because we can.

This trail is dog-friendly. On After will be at Liquid State Brewing.

Hash #886

I’m Not Sitting on My Ass Trail

Sunday, Feb 24 at 1:69 HST

Location: In an attempt to keep flying limbs away from halfmind heads, we’re moving the start location to the the northwest corner of Cornell’s A Lot. It’s the big parking lot off of Pleasant Grove Rd. .

Winter weather got you feeling lays-ee? Or did you maybe drink too much Franzia wine at last weekend’s WInterhash, and you still haven’t shaken that hangover? No matter the reason, get off your ass and come to trail this Sunday! You’ll love it, in some strange sort of way that only halfminds can understand.

We won’t know what the weather will be like until that day, so don’t dress reasonably or respectably. We’re hashers, after all, by Gispert!
For $5, you can expect cheap beer, shots at a stop, and crunchy chips. Hash hounds on leash will make trail all the more enjoyable. Bring virgins with a sense of adventure and their worst singing voices.

Your winter hare,
Shiggy Shaman

Hash #885

Polar Vortex got you down?
Is Valentine’s Day just another kick in the twat?
You don’t have to feel this way.
The Hash is there for you. Feel the warm, glowing embrace of Tastes Like 10th Grade and Gobble Gobble as we take you on a journey to celebrate YOU and encourage you to LOVE YOURSELF (multiple times a day, if necessary).
– Valid ID or you may be left out in the cold
– Your favorite example of how you take care of you
– $5 Hash cash
– Extra $$ just in case something catches your fancy (no purchase required)
– Hash Awards hidden in the back of your closet
What NOT to bring:
– Your dog, or you may be left out in the cold
– Self-deprecation
– Your Mom, unless she’s cool
Sunday, February 10, 2019
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY
635 W State St.
Ithaca, NY

Hash #883

Shave Your Date – January 12, 2019

Floss’s 18th Anal … YES 18!!! … First of the Screw Year Hash

Cum one!
Cum all!
Cum with ME!!! … as I lead you through the slums of Trumansburg on another…

…. Floss’s Anal Screw Year Hash!!!

SATURDAY, January 12, 2019

12:69 HST- note the earlier start time

8 Corey St

Hash Cash for this event is $15.00, due to the below…

There will be BEER!
There will be trail!
( let’s see how many we can lose on trail this year. LOL)
There will be Champagne!
There will be fun shit to do! (Just kidding)
There will be food! (anybody remember how many sheet pizzas we went through last year?)
There will be a KEG!
There will be SEX! (most likely not for me though … as is typical)
There will be hot tub shenanigans!!! (I hope…lol One way, or another, I’ll get the bitch fired up this year…if only for a day. lol)

There will be crash space …. of sorts…..

Bimbos can all pile into my bed. (Just leave room for me……lol)


I can’t believe that I have been hosting you Wankers for 18 years. Lol