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Hash #1001

It’s cumming…it’s cumming…it’s cumming!!!

That’s right wankers and wankerettes.

Ithaca Hash House Harriers is pleased to offer up the celebration of our 1,000th Trail ….. being held on the 1,001st trail …. because that’s just the way we roll …. is this weekend!

Here’s the official pin drop for the start for all of you that have been chomping at the bit. 

Speaking of chomping at the bit ….. we implore you to respond to these posts and emails and let us know that you are cumming (by not responding you run the risk of not having enough beer out on trail. Sacrilege!).

 Also, let BVD know what you are bringing to munch on at the On-After.

WHERE: Shindagin Hollow State Forest
WHEN: SATURDAY, October 1st
START: 12:69 HST
HASH CASH: $20 (this includes a super cool long sleeve shirt) ($5 discount for virgins and anyone providing sexual favors to Floss 😜)

Your hares, Kickstand and Floss, are excited to show you how much fun can be had, (and WHO can be “had” 😳), in Shindagin Hollow State Forest.

Hell, I’m even going to provide Kicky with an extra cup of flour for setting Trail.  😂🤣😜🤭

Hash #1000

Cumboy Wonder, Plaidypussy, and Crawdaddy Cooter esq. invite you to cluster around our cajun cauldrons bubbling over with a cornucopia of crustaceans and enjoy copious camaraderie with your favorite kennel companions!

Rego includes a short jaunt around Ithaca to work up an appetite and the requisite amount of cold beverages, but the main attraction will be the backyard on after! Boil ingredients include corn, potatoes, shrimp, and crawfish. Strictly vegetarian and vegan options available – just let us know! Extra on after beverages and \or lawn games encouraged. Rain location TBA but probably Stewart Park.

Important info about hash cash:

If you want dinner, the price is $10. Please respond ASAP as the little mud bugs are being delivered straight from Louisiana and we want to be sure to order enough.

Send dinner monies via Venmo to: amanda-ab829
and include a message like “crawfish party”

If you just want to come run trail and hang out, usual $5 applies.

Leashed dogs and virgins welcome.

Start Location:
211 Esty St. Ithaca, NY
This is a residential neighborhood so be courteous when parking on the street.

Hash #999

Half way past Hell.

. . . or 50% more hell, however you want to look at it.

This trail will take IH3 back to Robinson Hollow, a forest we have not been to in quite a while. I have no theme, but 999 is 50% more than 666, and some of you know what happened on our 666th trail. I blame the Boy Scouts, not the septagrams on the walls.

Hash will start at 2:00 pm.

There is a parking area off Lacey Road where we will gather.

Hounds, dogs, virgins, and vixens are welcome. Keep your virgins leashed, or something like that.

See you Sunday!

Hash #995

IH3 Trail 995: The Four Letter Word Trail II

To quote Handy, circa 03/22/17: “YO BITCHES!!!  There will be trail on Sunday and it will be glorious!!!”

Join your hares Handy, BVD, and possibly Rehymenator. This will be a four letter word hash, as in FUCK THIS SHIT trail…or LAME, DUMB, BEER trail. Cum as your favorite four letter word as we roam the forest and ford the creek in our eternal quest for the most glorious four letter word, BEER! (Or WINE!)

When: Sunday, Aug. 21 at 1:69 HST
Hash cash: $5 (virgins free)
Where: Lick Brook

Finger Lakes Trail Parking

Hash #994

Get loaded up in your woody for a good old fashioned surfin’ safari as B.V.D. and Reverse Penguin bring you this beachin’ trail.

Got a Hawaiian shirt you stopped wearing after the boogaloo tried to be a thing? Wear it. Got a sweet sun visor? Wear it. Thick sunscreen for your nose? Wear it. Bikini? Wear it. Speedo? Wear it. Floaties? Wear them. Those little things that attach to sunglasses so you don’t lose them in the surf? Wear them.
We will be setting trail in the tasty waves of Finger Lakes National Forrest. Will it be wet? If we can find water. Bring a dry bag or something just in case.

It is going to be another hot one so maybe also bring water on trail with you.

Anyway, here are the deets:
Who: You
What: This beach themed trail
Where: Finger Lakes National Forest Interloken Trail at Mathews Rd
When: Sunday August 7, 2022 12:69HST
Why: It’s a hashing day
How: Bring along 5 buckaroos unless you’re a virgin then it’s free.
On-After: Bedside and UFO’s Ladybug Pub (More details to cum but there is a pool so bring your swimmies)

Hash #993

Well howdy there, buckaroos:

Are you ready for another rootin’ tootin’ good time. Strap on your spurs, irons, and anything else you want to strap on, and join us in the lightly hashed wilds just west of Corning for an Old West themed trail. It’s the second anal “An American Trail: Ithaca Goes West”, brought to you by the very experienced hares Reverse Penguin and Miss D’Erection.

This trail will have it all. Shiggy: you bet. Water crossings: depends on the rain but probably not. Blood on trail: probably. Shots: you bet your sweet ass there is. Beers: Fuck yeah.

So bring your virgins, awards, dogs (there may be a small amount of road crossing at the start, leashes as needed), what have yous. Bug Spray

On after will be a mere 30 steps from closing circle. Grilling, bonfire, yard games, hot tub. Bring a tent, plenty of space for those. If you want to show up early to setup, good on me.

There is also a super cool patch to be had. It may or may not look like the one above.

When: Saturday July 30th at 2:69 HST

Where: Reverse Penguin and Miss D’Erection’s Place

3390 Beeman Hollow Road, Addison, NY 

How much? 5$

Parking: The driveway wraps around to a lower parking area with room for 7–8 cars. If full, park along the top of the driveway. If still full park out by the barn. I’ll be there to direct as needed.

Hash #992

Hot Time Summer In The City

Is this déjà vu? A Mirage? Nope and nope. It’s the heat. So, cum on out for a wet and wild trail set by your underachieving hares, Gashby, Layzher, Flowbie, and BVD. It will be a wet trail, so we strongly advise you to cum dressed for the summer and water. Water shoes? Oh yeah. Swimsuit? Yep. Squirt guns? Maybe, hehe. Death march? No! Towels, change of clothes, and something to keep your electronics dry. All great ideas. Hell, if you have a favorite summer snack you like to share bring that along too- and make your way on down to Corn St. and Chez Gashby’s. 🍷🔛🔛🍻

When: Sunday, July 24 at 1:69 HST
Where: 210 S Corn St, Ithaca, NY (pin drop below)
Hash cash: $5
Virgins: Yes. Leashes preferred.
Dogs: Sorry, no. Just the two in residence.

Dropped pin

Hash #991

Wankers :

It’s that time again where you get 2-4-1 hash trail credits. Join the  Homer campout crew for a romp in Bear Swamp State Forest. There will be some shiggy plus plenty or opportunities to stretch your legs on the fine trail network.

We are starting near the Colonial Lodge at 10:69 (or 11:09 for those hash-time challenged). Expect multiple BNs and SSs and a T-E or two. 

On after is the Colonial Lodge about a 100 meters from the parking area! We might have an opportunity to swim later – still under construction!

You will get trail credit for both hashes (IH3 & SOH4). Cost is free for Homer campers and only $5.00 for all day cumers.

On swamp (albeit dry) hareKickStand

Out and about. Short and sweet. iPhone mail. 

Hash #989

Sunday’s Strawberry Hash #989

5150 Cold Springs Road, Trumansburg

Drive down the driveway, all the way until you see a big white tent. Please don’t park along Cold Springs Road as it will be a long walk to the start. There is plenty of parking down by the pond and no place to park along the main road.

Time: Given that some will be travelling back from Knurd Weekend, this will be the timing of events:

1:69 pm – Begin arriving at the start if you want to pick strawberries (bring your own container). The manager of the field abandoned it, but there are plenty of strawberries there (although a bit weedy) that are free for the picking. (They are inside a plastic fence. Help yourself.)

2:69 pm – Chalk Talk and promptly leave for trail. Due to the later-than-usual start, no hanging around for stragglers or LABs. This will be an A – B – C – A trail.

On-In – There will be swimming. There will be food. There will be beer. Many attendees will be rewarded with a unique momento from Hot Lips and a special treat from H2OOOOOOh’s 90-year-old father.

Hash #988

From your hares, Cozy Crotch and Justine the Fawn F*cker:

Welcome to trail #988 of the Ithaca Hash House Harriers. Not really good at themes, but wearing cammo and flannel always gets big points with us! Your Hares, Cozy Crotch and Justine the Fawn F*cker, will lead you on a Tour de Shiggy through the Lawless Lands of Berkshire and Richford. There will be Shiggy so wear protection. On trail you may encounter foxes, coyotes, feral cats, farmers, and semi feral hippies so wear protection. There will be an on after cook out at our house which also happens to be where the H*sh starts. We will provide the meats and veggie type disks. So feel free to bring a side dish along. See trail 987 for guidelines. Kickoff is a 1:69 Location is 748 Jewett Hill Road, Berkshire, NY 13736. I don’t do pin drops (Cozy hides all the sharp objects from me). Trail is dog friendly. Virgins are welcome. Especially, since there has not been one in Berkshire since the last Millenium.