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Hash #891

Wankers of Ithaca H3, we are pleased to announce our customary celebration of  spring’s return to the Fingered Lakes by hosting the annual In-Vernal Gathering of Half-Minds! On Sunday, May the Fifth, we welcome back our road-whores from Stinko de Mayo Weekend@H5 by setting a sh*tty trail through the back[door]woods of Hammond Hill, with plenty of comestibles for them’s what want it, and will get it good and hard.

WHERE: Hammond Hill Road Parking Lot, off Irish Settlement Rd. outside Dryden [look for the Big [P] like we always do
WHEN: 2:69PM HST — summer hours, plus we know it’s a 4-hour drive from H5
WHY: To acquire a good thirst and satisfy it properly; to deliver us from weekly hangovers; to promote physical fitness amongst us; and to remind our elders they are not as old as they may feelGARB: Wear something suitable — traditional colors are yellow [beer], green [shiggy!], and red [blood!].
HOUNDS: Socialized, trustworthy pups only plz.
HASHIT: bring out the Horse’s Ass, the Hashit, the FRB pack, the other Hashit, the Bobbit, the Purple Head, and any other Hashy awards and random hashcrap you have laying around — and make a new one if you like!

[Feel free to share with our neighbors, but not the Fuzz]


Hash #881

Join the 3 Hos of Ithaca for IH3’s 12 Stops of Hashmus!
Deck your balls with all that’s festive and jingle your way around town with us as we celebrate the season. Santa is cummin’ to town and he’s only looking for the naughty hashers!

Hos: PG, Flowbie, Handy
When: Sunday, December 16th @12:69pm HST
Where: 210 S Corn St, Ithaca (Gashby’s!)
(parking on the street or the nearby FLX Fitclub lot)
$10 for all the fun that can fit in your stocking!

Hash #874

Shave the date and time ….

Ye is invited to attend the 30th Analversary Trail of the Ithaca Hash House Harriers to be held on Sunday, October 7th, at 1:69 in the afternoon at the trail head on Stone Quarry Road.

Parking is somewhat limited in this area, so please carpool if possible.
Also, due to traffic, and silly college students, it is recommended that Fido stay home for this trail.

Hash cash for this Trail will be $10 because there is an extra surprise in store for you lucky wankers.

30 Years of BEERs!!!

Hash #873

Welcome to the Rock ‘n Roll Fall of Shame!!!

It’s the first fall trail, and it features sex, drugs, and studded leather! (Well, definitely studded leather.)

Wear your dog’s collar and some serious eye liner, and cum rock it out in the Finger Her Lakes National Forest at the Gorge Trail Head on Mark Smith Rd., starting at 2:69pm.

Dogs welcome, but bring a leash. (For you, not the dog). On-After at Gobble’s house! More info to cum…

Hash #865


Here is a pin drop for the joint SOH4 and IH3 trail this Sunday July 15. Please note that trail starts at high NOON.

Since we are in Bear Swamp Forest our theme will be your best Bare Bear outfit.

For those cuming to the Homer Campout this trail is part of your rego. For you lazy louts it will cost you $5.00. This trail is virgin and dog friendly. It will most likely be mosquito and tick friendly so be prepared.

Your barely on hares
Kicky, Snidely, Table It

Hash #861

Join 40 (Philanthropussy) and >40 (PG) for a totally downhill* trail to celebrate being over the hill!

40s! 40s! 40s!

Meet Sunday, June 3, at 2:69pm HST at the terminus of Thomas Road at the south end of Treman State Park (42.400246, -76.588565). Bring virgins, dogs, $5, and your leashed youthfulness. Up-ups are in order to celebrate going down, down, down!

*old people lie

Hash #858

Earth Day trail! Well, at least to get “earthy”.

Congregate/conjugate/coagulate/copulate/do what you want, dammit, this is Ithaca! by Stewart Park’s old duck pond at 2:69 for what is guaranteed to be The Greatest Hash Trail of the Day! Corndog Millionaire, assuming he is still alive and ambulatory, will hare, and about damn time, too.

Hash #857

Hash #854

Trail this Sunday is a wet, wild, snowy, and watery analversary event.

We will be checking out the land surrounding a potential new weekend location – Camp Owahta , a 4H property near Solon/McGraw, NY. You’ll get to see the camp layout and the woods around it.

We will meet at the intersection of 4H road and Syrian Hill road.

We’re off at 1:69. Bring extra footwear and socks; it will be WET and SNOWY. Not really enough for skis or snowshoes but it will be WET.

Hash cash is $5.00 and virgins might need to be leashed. Try to carpool since we will be parking along the road. The theme is WET.

On snowy WET trails On