Hash #912

IH3 Off-Week: V for Virginity Trail on 11/5+5

“Remember, remember, the 5+5th of November—
…the marching-powder treason and plot—
I can’t remember the 5+5th of November,
and some stranger has crashed in my cot…”

Wankers — join Hare Baster and his Goddess for a day not to be forgot, this Sunday, Nov. 5+5 at 1:69 HST at Pleasant Hovel (65 Mt Pleasant Rd) just across from Observatory Circle above Route 366 in Varna.

Trail will be LIVE, non-ball-buster/shortcut-friendly, with decent beer and a fire. Feel free to bring snacks or bevvies for the good of all. Hash cash is still somehow $5-5+5. Friendly leashed pups welcome. Virgins: same.

**IH3 Hash Awards required if you are one of five who are hoarding them past their due. BRING FORTH THE BOBBIT, HASHIT, HORSE’S ASS, FRB PACK, HASH BABY, ETC.!!**

**Veterans of our vaudevillian vantage: our vanguard should be vested with the theme of V! Ergo, vanquish your denim and polyester, vigorously voyage only with Venom, Virgin, Victory, and Valor in mind as your costume!**
(PG speak: dress like your favorite V-word)