Hash #917

Howdy Wankers,

Come to Groton for Sir Hornicator’s Hometown Hash!
Sunday, January 26. Meet at Sykes Park at 1:69pm and follow flour to a clearing in the woods behind the pool. Pin drop here.

There will be beer! There will be Shiggy! There will be screwing around in the woods where you can relive your best days of high school. If you did not enjoy high school, then feel free to enjoy someone else’s best days.

Hash cash is $5. Trail is not dog friendly this time around but it is virgin friendly (although they may find they are no longer virgins when we cum out of the woods).

On after: Union Tavern on Main St, formerly Farrell’s, where many a high schooler would come in the back door. Oh yeah! 😉

Hope to see you on Sunday!
-Sir Hornicator and Shiggy Shaman