Hash #981

981…..It is a trail number. Sunday March 6th at 1:69pm is not a Threesie, or a twosie, I would accept a Floosie….but I give you a Onesie Hash Theme!!!!!!!!! Bring out your best onesie and let us traverse the lovely streets of Ithaca where we can find beer and shots and shenanigans abound! Join your Hares Cumboy Wonder and Crawdaddy Cooter as they bring you on this grand adventure. You will need ID, maybe masks?, Maybe proof of vaccination? You will definitely need lube! This is not a pup friendly trail…sorry. $5 hash cash. Virgins are free. Starting point is at the home of Gashby and BVD at 210 South Corn Street. The house will be locked so pee ahead of time you filthy animals.