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IH3 #723: Fantastical Festical Hash!

It’s that time of year again when thousands of music-lovers descend upon our area for a weekend of fun and mayhem. Grab your tie-dye and your hula hoops and join the Dirty Hippie Hashers! The Grassroots party lasts from ThursdaySunday and we’re finishing off the fun this year with the Fantastical Festical Hash on Sunday, July 27th!

Not going to the festival? Don’t worry! You DO NOT NEED a festival pass to hash!

Hash start: side entrance to Grassroots on Rabbit Run Road
(96N from Ithaca toward Trumansburg. Turn left onto Rabbit Run Rd just before you reach T-burg. Go 0.5mi to side entrance. Look for flour.)
Hash time: 2:69pm HST
Hash cash: $5
Hash theme: dirty hippie!
Bring: old shoes, virgins, dogs with leashes, and shiggy socks
Don’t bring: new shoes, skanks, dogs without leashes, and bare legs
On-cherry-poppin’ hares!
Just Jen and PG

Mortal! Dare ye dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Tremble and be rendered witless during your Return to Sodom*, by The
City of Evil — for an unholy weekend of radical self-expression and
hedonic abandon!

Sacrifice virgins upon the Dark Altar of the Burning Lake of Cayuga,
make offerings and receive the Ichorous Nectar, and test your faith
amidst the Lost Gorge in search for Beer Kegs** and Hot Women***!

He's sexy and he knows it
Meet Iggy.

Commit yourself forthwith, for there are but 28 posts remaining to bind these fortunate souls. Our swag satisfies the greedy whilst the victuals and beer satisfies the glutton, so drag out your costumes or build new ones, for the time draws nigh for two nights of liver-shaking, muscle-quaking pandaemonium!

Drag yer friends – pass this writ along – and
ON IN     —///—>  

~Porcelain Goddess, Eldritch Queen of Succubi
~Master Baster, High Demon of the Smells


* – No kidding, we really are the City of Evil
** – the kegs have holes
*** – the women don’t

Ithaca Weekend is Upon Us

Greetings Wankers and Wankerettes!!

Ithaca’s GM (Greatest Moron) here…and my cell number for weekend use is 607-387-9474

In a mere 24 hours you will be headed towards the beautiful Shiggy land of Mythaca….where all outside worries disappear for the weekend….to be replaced by the fog of BEER!

Do you know where you are going???  Perhaps this will help: (“B” is the 4H campsite)

I’m sure you can find Route 13 in Ithaca with a map and or this information:

Technology on Highway:

Camp location is 418 Lower Creek Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Mapquest and GoogleMaps

Getting to Ithaca:

From the Northeast: Take Route 90 to 81S to 281S to Rte 13S to Ithaca (from Rte 90 this is a 50 minute drive)

From the Northwest: Drive Interstate 90E to exit 42. Take a Right onto Rte 14. Drive about 2 miles and turn Left onto 20E. Take a right onto Rte 96A Stay straight on 96A to Rte96 to Ithaca (Ithaca is about 40 minutes from I90).

From the Southwest: It would probably be easiest to drive to either Rte 81 or Rte 90 and take those directions, but if you know a quicker way to get to Elmira, NY, then drive from there to Rte 13N to Ithaca.

From the Southeast: Take Rte 81N past Binghamton to the Whitney Point exit, then take Rte 79N to Ithaca. (It is about an hour from Binghamton.)

From Ithaca:
• Take NY Route 13 North from Ithaca.
• Continue past the Pyramid Mall and the Ithaca Airport to Lower Creek Rd.
• Turn Left on Lower Creek Rd. and continue to 4-H Acres at 418 Lower Creek Rd.

If you  happen to be arriving later than the bus leaves for the Pub Crawl…which is 7:00 PM HST….but not TOO late…you can find us at the first bar….here: (you’ll have to zoom out on this one…)

Don’t forget your “Favorite X” theme costume!!  I have mine…complete with “special floss“!

And now a word from our hash hound….Safety Dog/Shocker

We at Ithaca believe pooches are just as much a part of the hash as you bi-peds and we invite all K-9’s to come and play.  But, we also know that bi-peds HATE stepping in our cute, smelly little piles.  So….be kind to the humans and do as the bears do…shit in the woods.  If you must do it in the yard….please tell your master to pick it up.  Hopefully Butt Floss will obtain baggies for such use.  If you can’t find YOUR master…find some one else’s and ask them to do a nice favor for you….please.

That about wraps it up folks.  Questions????….F’off!!!  No….seriously…we want you to have as much of a blast as we plan to.  Ask away now….or any time during the weekend.  Either of me…or any Ithaca Hasher.  They’re ALL fabulous and I couldn’t ask for a greater group of misfits to hang out with.

on-Ithaca’s Tenth Analversary Weekend-on!!!!


Ithaca ResErection Weekend 8/17

Wankers one and all!

The weekend is upon us – and you know what that means: the Ithaca ResErection Weekend makes its glorious return! You still can make it – come down and join us for one or all nights! The schedule follows, but you are urged to attend everything, because it will be awesome. You can’t put a price on this kind of fun.

See who’s showing up!

Friday – Aug 17
Check-in starting at NOON at the 4H Camp

Join the UnDead as we Devour the Friendly Residents of Downtown Ithaca
at the Ithaca Zombie Mob Pub Crawl
Hare: Butt Floss Time: 7:00PM
Start Location: The 4H Camp
Transportation Provided

Saturday – Aug 18
Hot Breakfast starting at 8AM
Thanks to L’il Dimmer, Hot Lips, Jiffy Lube, UFO and Bedside Pole DancerScary Hash Olympic “Games” at NOON
by Pussy Pong and Dances with HeadIthaca Zombie Hash Trail
Hares: Little Oral Annie, Toothy Lunker, Master Baster, Liquor Harder
Start Location: The 4H Camp
Chalk Talk at 2PM
Buses to the runs leave shortly thereafter

Catered Dinner at 7:30PM

Entertainment and Debauchery
until the Wee Hours of the Morning

Sunday – Aug 19

Continental Breakfast starting at 9AM

Fat Zombie Hash

Hares: Master Baster
Start Location: 4H Camp
Chalk Talk at 10AM



~Master Baster

2007 Ithaca ResErection Hash Weekend:

For those who haven’t seen it: Here’s the Registration page:

You (and everyone else) missed the great Ithaca Hash Weekend of 2006 (because it never happened), but join us for…………………..

August 17-19, 2007
A ghoulishly good time guaranteed or your death back!

Join us as we resErect from the dea! We’ll have BEER, a Night of the Living Dead Zombie themed pubcrawl and debauchery, BEER, trail, BEER, food, bring-your-own tent camping, BEER, evening music entertainment and more debauchery, burning pyres… did we mention BEER?