Mortal! Dare ye dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Tremble and be rendered witless during your Return to Sodom*, by The
City of Evil — for an unholy weekend of radical self-expression and
hedonic abandon!

Sacrifice virgins upon the Dark Altar of the Burning Lake of Cayuga,
make offerings and receive the Ichorous Nectar, and test your faith
amidst the Lost Gorge in search for Beer Kegs** and Hot Women***!

He's sexy and he knows it
Meet Iggy.

Commit yourself forthwith, for there are but 28 posts remaining to bind these fortunate souls. Our swag satisfies the greedy whilst the victuals and beer satisfies the glutton, so drag out your costumes or build new ones, for the time draws nigh for two nights of liver-shaking, muscle-quaking pandaemonium!

Drag yer friends – pass this writ along – and
ON IN     —///—>  

~Porcelain Goddess, Eldritch Queen of Succubi
~Master Baster, High Demon of the Smells


* – No kidding, we really are the City of Evil
** – the kegs have holes
*** – the women don’t