This Sunday: Fall Creeker 1:69PM

Hi, all. This Sunday’s trail will kick off at the intersection of Comfort and Bald Hill Rds. in Danby at 1:69. Wear some bright clothes. Bring virgins. Bring old-timers. Bring hounds. Bring your smiley faces. We’ll see what’s left of them at the end… (evil laugh welling up inside … Oh, this is going to be fun.)

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about Sunday’s trail. I’d love to spend the day in the woods & appreciate your willingness to buck the buckshot, so to speak. But I love y’all more and don’t want any of you shot, so I’m relocating the start to the Creeker, in Ithaca’s Northside neighborhood (corner of Lake & Lincoln, bottom of gun hill). Same bat time (1:69).