IH3 #673: Turkey Haze

Good Morning Hashers!

Join Dong of the Dead and WowMomWow for our post-Thanksgiving hash on Sunday at 1:69 pm! In order to stay true to the gluttony and laziness that is Thanksgiving, we are setting a lovely TURKEY trail for all of you:) All are also invited to bring your leftover Thanksgiving feast foods (ask mom to fill you up some tupperware!) for a post-trail potluck at Wowie and Ookie Cookie’s place. This potluck will also dually serve as a birthday get-together for a certain RA of ours… Side-side or up-up, Baster?
– Wear bright colors so nobody gets shot, because that would really not be good.
– Dress warmly under those bright colors because the 10-day forecast says we might see some white stuff this weekend(!)
– Dogs are cool, but please bring a leash just in case.
– Parking is limited in Wowie and Ookie Cookie’s little townhouse complex, so you may need to park just outside the complex on what Google maps says is Northwoods Drive.
– For the d-erection-ally challenged, we are meeting and post-trail potlucking at 14 Yardley Green (map linked). From Warren Road (the road the airport is on, it’s off of Route 13), you will turn in so it looks like you’re going to the Northwoods apartments. Don’t go there, just keep driving on past and you will see a sign for the Kensington townhomes. Turn right on to The Strand, and we are the last building on the left, second to last door.
I think that’s it. Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll see yas on Sunday! Enjoy your Thanksgivings!
Much love,
Donger & Wowie (a.k.a. The Tit Twins)