ReHash #282


Here’s my abbreviated re-hash including a new song:

Two virgins and one visitor joined the regular Ithaca HHH crew this week. I suck at names and thus don’t remember the nerd names of the virgins (someone help me here), but the visitor was "Golden Dyke" from the Carolina Trash Hash.

Hares were Skull, Small Sack, and Poopatrooper.

The trail had 3 Eagle and Chicken splits. The first split was right at the start. I chose the Chicken trail ’cause that’s the choice that ALL the harriettes chose. Duh! What were you Eagles thinking? Seems it was the right choice, since the first Eagle split was a checkback up a steep muddy hill.

I would describe the trail in great detail at this point, but it would only bore most of you and I don’t really remember that much anyway. We did pass an interesting farmers pasture junkyard on one section. I also got suckered into going all the way up a long hill only to discover the Eagle-Chicken split that I had erased the Chicken part of earlier. The hares enjoyed that one. Assholes!

The trail had a noteable absence of BEER.

The On-In was at Skull’s and we managed to wedge everyone into his apartment. The usual festivities commenced with chili and rice compliments of Skull and various other goodies brought by who know’s who. Thanks to those who brought food. It was great. Special thanks to Jamie for the Poo Poo Platter. Yum! We kicked the 1/4 keg, so no alcohol was wasted. The hashers then started searching for other alcohol. They found some wine and cordials to drink and there was still some Iron City beer in the can left. I chose the Iron City beer.

One of the virgins was named (on her first hash no less). We sang to her and she did her Down-Down. It was decided that "Dog Forker" would be baptised at a later date.

Golden Dyke from the Carolina Trash Hash taught me a new Down-Down song. This is for the hashers that only show up every so often. It goes to the "Where, Oh Where" song that they used to sing on the TV show "Hee Haw" all the time. Here goes…

Where, Oh Where were you last week?
Why did you make us hash all alone?
You Fat Lazy Bastards, You weren’t even here. So we F*cked all the Virgins and drank all the Beer.
Down, Down, Drink it all Down Drink it all Down, Drink all of that Beer
You Fat Lazy Bastards, You weren’t even here. So we F*cked all the Virgins and drank all the Beer.
Drink it Down, Down, Down, Down …

Later… Ball Wrinkle