Ithaca Hash #623: Climbin’ Up to the Pinnacles

Get ready for a sh*tty trail on SATURDAY at 2:69 pm. Meeting in the Danby State Forest on Michigan Hollow Rd – following 96B south from Ithaca, take a right on Michigan Hollow Rd after Danby. Follow the road, after a school bus turn around it turns into a dirt road. About 1.3 miles down the road there’s a parking pull off on the right side of the road – park there. If it’s full, park on the same side of the road. Alternatively, look for the HHH or at the map right here!

Trail will be steep, muddy & wet, as well as stocked with sh*tty beer. It will also be possibly long and/or shiggy-tastic. So be prepared. It should be hound friendly but probably not kid friendly. If I have a co-hare, there may well be a Turkey-Eagle split. Speaking of which, anyone want to co-hare with me? I can offer a ride & beer in appreciation. Also, does anyone have coolers I can borrow for setting beer?