IH3 #729: Gilligan’s Island Hash!

Hashers! Skippers! Gilligans and Mary Anns! Gingers, Professors and even Howells! Cum join us for a three hour tour from downtown Ithaca cummencing at 12:69 HST.

This weekend marks the (approximate) 6th Analversary of IH3’s bodacious twins Head To Toe in Utero and Nurse TaKillYa, who made each other cum September 7, 2008 at IH3 trail #544! (For a trip down memory lane: see the rehash!)

In case your half mind has not picked up on this already, we are celebrating with a Gilligan’s Island-themed kayak hash on the waterways of Ithaca. Early start time to account for those renting vessels and to allow for more holiday weekend fun times! We are convening in the large, slightyly sketchy parking lot on the inlet near Puddledockers (this is also where we will put it in, I mean put in). Note : NOT at Puddledockers, just a bit down the inlet! Unless you’re renting from them, in which case you can put it in wherever your heart desires.

Those without proper life vests don’t get to cum to fun times and will be left in the parking lot like some meth addict’s forgotten infant. Ya dig?

In the event of lightning (we’re half minds, but we’re not stupid), the pack gets to drink an extra beer or three in the parking lot while the hares get a biiiiiiiig head start and the Super Fun Not-So-Kayaked LIVE Analversary Trail cummences (surpriiiiiiiise, Head!).

On-after to follow at Chez Brownie Nurse 209 N Aurora St Ithaca for food, more fun times, and proximity to excellent Mexican restaurants!

On-say “fun times” again!
Nurse TaKillYa
Head To Toe in Utero
Brown Hole Delivery (the always willing not-so-secret hare)