IH3 #694: Hector–Take 2!

Hey IthaWanks!

So, our lovely GM coerced Tasty and I into setting trail for this Sunday.  AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN USE SEX TO DO IT!!!  SHAME ON HER!!!

As a result….you will all be subjected to a totally shitty trail up in the National Forest at the Teeter Pond parking lot on W. Seneca Rd.  ( a mere 5k past the Ladybug Pub )

(Least “dusty road” way to get there is to drive out Searsburg Rd to Potomac Rd and turn right.  Go to the end and turn left.  Parking lot is about a half mile on the left.)
Start time: 2:69 PMHST

Hare(s): Floss and Tasty (I hope…lol)