Hash #918

“Life is short, so make fun and don’t kill it.” ~Anonymous

Jessica Kerns Fri, Feb 7, 4:13 PM (1 day ago)
IH3 #918

Shitalkie, Bdlbdlbdl, and Tasty host the ski hash for Sunday again since we have been blessed with all this snow!!!! We finally got snow so let’s ski!!! We have a host with woods, trails and a hot tub who will also host the on after and provide crash space the day before or after!!!  Second snow of the season and possibly the last. Life is too short not to take advantage of all this goodness.

360 Sheffield Rd
Ithaca NY 14850

Start time 1:69 HST

Bring a dawg, bring a virgin, bring hash awards — Hashit? Horse’s Ass? Safety Vest? Bobbit? — and a love of snow!!!
Skies, snow shoes or a bunch of energy is also encouraged.