Eat Up Quick: Last Mouthful of Clam #518

Well, it will be a sad day for hashing this Sunday because it will be Mouthful’s last hash with us for some time to come. :o(

However….it IS a Hash day….and therefore….there WILL be BEER!!!!

So…..SCREW Mouthful of Clam and come hash in the wonderful burg of Varna this Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM.

Here is a Google Map link:

And, I’ve also included a picture showing the actual start location….which is in the parking area near the steel decked bridge on Freese Rd.

The trail is quite dog friendly…so bring them along!!!!!!!!!!

Also….we have lots of snacks left over from the weekend and Porcelain Goddess is allowing us to mess up her home with a party for Mouthful after the hash……..including “Slip-n-Slide!”

Cum one…cum all…and give Mouthful a fine memory of his Mother Hash!


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