Hash #1055

Trail 📣
Flour, Flower, Weeds, Weed, Bud, Buds, it’s all shiggy man…

Join your Hares, Forced Wood, Debasement, ET Bonehome and pretend Jizzy will be there considering I’m writing this. If it’s a shit show blame the other 3.

Where? Mulholland Wildlife Preserve https://maps.app.goo.gl/rcrvXVEKnZqNy3FJA?g_st=ic

When? Sunday 4/21 (cause the safety committee will be mentally preparing on 4/20) at 1:69pm HST

Theme? It’s 4/20 bitches: dress the part however you see fit.

Cost? $5 Hash cash, virgins free

Expect 🍺 beer, shots, and plenty of optional safety💨🌱in all forms.

Please keep dogs and virgins leashed.