Hash #818

“Ithaca weather:
get used to it ’cause it ain’t getting better.”


1:69PM at the FALL CREEK HOUSE by Ithaca Falls
Stormy weather ALL LIVE trail brought to you with love by Baster! Wear bright colors to ward off sad muggles & wintry muddy mix; hares away at 2:29pm. $5 hash cash, bring ID, good mittens, and a little extra cash just in case–since INDOOR BNs may be attempted.

F*ck you, groundhog!


Where V is for __________ and you know it’s cumming!
Sunday, February 12 @ 1:69PM

Shiggy Shaman and the Cum Boy Wonder team up for a Red-Hot V-Day excursion you won’t soon remember! There will be a post-trail bonfire, so if you’ve got V-Day inspired burnables, bring them along and we’ll light em up for a glorious farewell send-off.

Where? Shiggy’s love shack at 205 White Church Rd., Brooktondale (Pin drop: https://www.google.com/search… )

What to bring? $5 hash cash, a healthy thirst for beer and adventure, and leashes for your four-pawed friends.