Hash #816

Over the hills and thru the woods to the Germans house we go!

Who: Every hasher in the area that loves to *un/jog/walk/crawl & drink and jump in cold rivers, nature, waterfalls, boobs, small Penis, and hairy ass!

What: Trail – A to A

Where: Start @ Buttermilk State Park, Ithaca, NY 14850
Park your broke ass bitch car in the bottom parking lot, across from the rim trail. Everyone needs a good rim.

When: 1:69L on Sunday 22 Jan 2016

Why: Because you want to let everyone know that u can *un/jog/walk/skip/jump/crawl and drink (something like beer, breast milk, semen, cooter juice, etc.) at the same time. Bring your own rope, leash, duct tape, chain, cable, handcuffs, condoms, towel, dry clothes, extras ho’s, rape whistle, turbin, tampons, pillows to cry in, dog, cat, midgets, wet nap, sanitizer, shock collar, spare clothes and shoes, Vagina whistle, cock coozie, etc. to be used on yourself or someone else on trail.

SPECIAL-ed DESTRUCTION’S: Any fucked up ideas you might have floating around in your craniums! Swim suit to stay warm. Towel. Inflatable dolls. Hookers, midgets, blow, condoms, horses, warm clothes, inflatable bed to go over the falls.

Following Trail:?

Call all your crazy HHHashers and any virgins you can drag along….mark your calendars!!!

Hares: WhipLash + someone else that wants to be tortured and loved at the same time

Whining: call Spike

Kennel: Call Baster!