Hash #819

Greetings from Sunny and Hot CNY

Now back to your regularly scheduled program – Sunday’s trail – which will be cold and snowy😀

Trail will commence from the intersection of Hauck Hill Rd and Bleck Rd and the Dabes Diversion FL trail at 1:69 HST. This is off VonDonsel Rd in the town of Virgil.

This will be a 6 pack/ 6R hash – rocks, rivers, rootstocks, reentrants, roads, and real beer!

Expect shiggy, snow, and wet conditions.
$5.00 hash cash gets you all this fun. Bring your pets and your virgins. Minimal leasing required.

On after planned at Trax bar at Greek Peak, but if you cum early, go to Hollenbecks Cider Mill in Virgil for fresh squeezed cider made from honey crisp apples. Delicious and tasty. They also have a great selection of pies.

Your real rough and ready rabbits
BVD and KickStand