Hash #1037

IH3 Halloweenie Hash 2023

Sat., Oct. 28th 6:00 pm

Join your hares BVD and Flowbie for Halloweenie 2023! Are you cumming? If so, read all the deets below, and reply with your fav Halloween themed meme to give us a rough head count. Yeah, yeah. Head? Who said… Keep reading wankers!

Pre-lube/chalk talk start location: Personal Best Brewing, 321 W. State St., Ithaca, NY – PIN DROP:


HASH CASH: $20 and a costume will get you full of beer (or wine), shots, and good times.

*Are you an IH3 hasher and you’re not drinking and/or think HC is too pricey – Just contact a hare. We’ll take care of you. 🙂

**Are you really and truly a designated driver? Then you’re free, of course.

***Only $5 off for Virgins.

****Bring your ID and extra $$$ for the pre-lube at Personal Best AND the on after at Liquid State Brewing Company on E. Green St.

*****How do I pay to party? 1. Venmo BVD as a friend/family ONLY and just put your hash name in the comments @bvd-lyman-16 [last 4 of my cell# 9758]; 2. Paypal BVD at @Lyman773 (josephlymanmsw@gmail.com) & as friend/family ONLY and just put your hash name in the comments; OR 3. CASH the night of the event.

NOTES: Too cool for a costume? Don’t worry. We’ll judge you, and probably slap a sign on you for being so lame.

MORE NOTES: You: What if I’m running late? Where is everyone? Hares: Text BVD at 607-597-9758 or Flowbie at 607-280-4552.

MORER NOTES: Virgins welcome, but only get a $5 discount for this special event trailZ. Sadly, it’ll be a concrete jungle, so no puppers on trail.

PARKING: Personal Best and Liquid State where we will start and end trail are less than 0.2 mi. from each other. That gives you options… Park near the end and hike a couple blocks to the start, park near the start and stagger back a couple blocks at the end of the night, or park mid-way.

CAUTION: Partying is encouraged. Driving drunk anywhere after is not. Plan for a safe ride OR crash space ahead of the event. You: That crazy hash got me lit! What do I do? BVD: Tell a hare! We will help get you squared away.