Hash #1036

Vítejte! Dobrodošli! Bem-vindo! Hoş geldiniz! Witaj! Selamat datang! Welcome!
Join me, Crawdaddy Cooter, this Sunday as I attempt to drum up some world peace (or world calm at least) by the sheer power of wishful drinking in this off week trail because man…. I sure am tired of living in these unprecedented times.
Note 1: We will be in town because I am planning on a heavy beer near trail. Also, I’m not trying to get swamp rot in a new tattoo. Car pooling is highly suggested.
Note 2: This is going to be a choose your own hash cash adventure New Beers style. Hash cash will be waived if you bring a pack (or one of those big bottles) of a neat international. They probably won’t have time to chill in the cooler so bring them cold if possible. Unless it’s one of those meant to be drank warm English beers in which case, gross. Otherwise, it’s the usual $5 and you get to drink American beers because hey, we’re a country too.
Start location: La casa embrujada de Cooter – 211 Esty St. Ithaca
Start time: Saturday, October 22 at 1:69 (aka 2:09pm)
Cost: A pack of fun, new international beers or $5 if you’re lazy
Dogs: Sure, whatever. We’re in town so make sure to keep them leashed and scoop up any stinky business.
Virgins: see above
Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ZaG5nqubwTBssVDC8