Hash #1039

NOTICE: The webmaster is an idiot and thought the on-after was the start location. If you are seeing this the start location is now posted: https://maps.apple.com/?ll=42.327850,-76.497251&q=My%20Location&t=h


471-161 Bald Hill Rd, Spencer, NY 14883

Hey, there’s a trail on Sunday. Please Join Us!

Friends- (too soon?)-Giving Trail– Sunday, Nov 12 at 12:69 HST

Your hares, Jizz Whizz, Forced Wood, DeBasement and ET Bone Home will lead you through a friendly jaunt through shiggy, hills and mazes (ok maybe not). Bring your friends/virgins and wear your best IH3 gear!

Remember it’s hunting season: wear bright colors!

Hash Cash is a bargain price of $5

Start location will be on Bald Hill in West Danby

Pin Drop: https://maps.apple.com/?ll=42.327850,-76.497251&q=My%20Location&t=h

On after- Come back to Jizzy and Woody’s abode for some food and drinks. There will be turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls etc! https://maps.app.goo.gl/XQueQ5Db7u3Kk77y9?g_st=ic