Space Cadet Hash!

Wankers of Ithaca,
Half-Minds of the Finger Lakes,
Lend me your beers!

Grab your virgins, your cums-latelies,
your hash prizes, your garb stately;
Bust out your tie-dye
It’s time to get pie-eyed!

The perennial Space Cadet hash looms large on the horizon, with 57 degree temperatures and no rain or snow forecast for Sunday. Though the next two days should be fairly dry, do plan on bringing a dry bag, a spare pair of shoes and be ready for some fun and shiggy.

In addition to the usual swag, try to bring an old glove or two and a trash bag. Special prizes, moon stones, and good karma will be allotted to those who collect the most litter, for the spirits of Gispert and Gaia will be upon us this Sunday!

On-on-on will be at Castaways, where Sim Redmond (eh?) and John Brown’s Body (woo!) will perform at the LAST EVER CASTAWAYS SHOW BEFORE IT CLOSES starting at 9:00PM. Naps beforehand may be coordinated if desired.

See you in the Shindagin State Forest, on Braley Hill Road, at the second parking lot @ 2:69PM this Sunday!
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