ReHash #196

Subject: Wet-n-Sticky must have passed out at the New Years eave Party.

All: I have noticed a certain lack of junk mail in my box for the last few months, and this would not be a problem if we were getting a flyer at the Hash. However I haven’t seen one. YES, Wet-n-Sticky this is a directed at you. I’d offer to take it over butWell after you read this one you’ll see why not.

December 31, 1995 – January 1, 1996

Skull and I (MicroPrick) prepared for a live hash. No big deal Skull had set them down state, and I’d set some in Japan. However we forgot that we were in Ithaca where they don’t give live hare’s a head start, well False Erection told me we actually got 3 minutes, I thought that I was supposed to get 10, but enough bitching. YES, I’ve already drunk for this one, and a few others as well.

Some of the SCB were a bit surprised to find that while our trails linked up Skull and I did not run the whole trail together. Some of this is do to the obvious fact that Skull is a LOT faster than I am. So Skull went up the hill from the High School into the cemitary I went up Wycoff and set a BT. Unfortunately for Skull Trojan, Road Kill, False Erection and a few others that I can’t remember followed me not the trail. They should have gotten the hint when there was-no hash then a BT and then hash they ran into Skull coming out of the Cemitary I had run up a stream so they didn’t see me.

From then on it was pretty fucked. Those who actually followed us to the hill above lot A. Followed there nose. We use grape drink mix to mark the trail, and in the woods if you were 3 or 4 minutes behind me the contrast on the snow was unmistakable, especaly if you did the taste test. However, it takes a minute or 2 for the white powder to turn black. So Piss Pot you were right on my ass, should have just followed the foot prints. I know you couldn’t that’s why I used the streams. Some of the other hashers decided that it was the middle of winter and wet feet was not something that they wanted so they went back to the cars and I don’t know what they did I was at Skull’s drink beer with a pair of nice dry socks on, well they were dry until down-down’s.

I afrade that I must come to the conclusion that Ithaca needs some more work before its ready for the live hash. A well we certainly did the down-down’s right. Since I can’t seem to remember it all that well.

Skull and I did a cheep Champagne Down-Down. I think that we paid too much for it! I think that everybody there did a down-down even Road Kill who came in late since he went home took a shower and changed.

The evening went on and I remember doing a body shot off of Weenie, I must have been very drunk. I know that a lot more went on like

Wet-n-Sticky and Vibrator cheased all of Skull’s windows, but I had my beer goggles on so please under stand that I couldn’t focus on all the debauchery going on.

I should mention that Skull was conspicus in his absence after midnight,
I can’t prove a thing, but even with having to clean up all that mess I
bet he had a happier New Year.