On Hashing & Overachieving

We do well to remember first and foremost, from the 1938 Hash House Harriers charter, that the Hash is conceived in these precepts:

To promote physical fitness among our members
To get rid of weekend hangovers
To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

With this in mind, I submit: is this idea unique only to the hash?
Perhaps these precepts conform not only to hashing, but to other worthy activities as well?

Hashing and overachieving may be akin to the invention of, say, babaghanoujj, or chocolate-covered (bacon) or (hot peppers), your choice. Witness the combination of two ingredients that seem so mis-matched and contrary to received knowledge. At first glance, this pairing may seem to defy basic standards of cuisine or comportment in their respective realms.

Yet, upon trying the combination and seeing how well the two elements blend, the beholder may realize the truly satisfying combination wrought by one’s own hand. Or feet. Or liver. And indeed, those of practically any age can enjoy these two things in their own measure, and are encouraged to do so simply by the joy they bestow and the goodness they intrinsically possess.

The hash is a place to have fun, to enjoy the company of others in good spirits, good trail, and good (mostly) beer. It asks naught of participants but hash cash, active participation, and a desire to be active in good humor. It does not ask us to move quickly. It asks us only to find beer and rejoice and be merry. Indeed, smart hares may be advised to reward (or punish) FRBs with long shiggy back-checks, while the rest of the (smart!) half-minds enjoy company of the pack with amiable companionship and down-down-worthy (possibly murky) moments.

With that in mind, a toast:

To the feet and the liver!