Ithaca Hash #628: Hot Lips’ Almost-Strawbeery Hash!

Sunday’s Hash will start at Hot Lips house – directions at

Go down the driveway to the top of the back field and park, then come up to back of the house. Although there won’t be strawberries this year, we’ll have other goodies to make up for this.

Hot Lips hashes offer babysitting services, so if you think you will want to leave a little one behind, just let me know (

Plan to hang out afterwards to swim, eat or whatever.

Weather forecast is good so far.

Hot Lips

2 thoughts on “Ithaca Hash #628: Hot Lips’ Almost-Strawbeery Hash!”

  1. What a fun hash to luck into!! Thanks all. Great weekend and blast running trail with you. I have my pictures up on Hashspace. Friend me if you can. On On Hohemian.

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