Ithaca Hash #621: Half-Minds Crossing the Potomac


Floss turns 53 on Sunday!
That means that he is in his PRIME!
(Prime number, that is…and he’s just like a prime number! Positive, non-zero, and having exactly 2 factors — we just don’t know what they are.)

Join us on Sunday, May 1st at 2:69pm HST for a romp in the woods to celebrate your GM and his annual trip around the sun.
We’ll meet at the Potomac Group Campground in the northeast corner of Hector National Forest. See this map.
(D’erectionally challenged, read this: Head up 96 toward T-Burg, turn left onto Perry City (227), and take that west til you get to Potomac Road. Turn right and go about 2 miles to the campground on your right!)

We promise you BEER, side-sides, BEER, shiggy, BEER, naked people at every beer near, BEER, Wowie’s special alcoholic concoctions, BEER, mud, BEER, and a sweet little trail runnable for even the most hungover of birthday boys..

On-do your balls hang low,