IH3 Trail #685: Return of Son of Space Cadet!

Update: Space Cadet will indeed be held! We areĀ ON ON for Saturday the Twentieth at 2:69PM HST!
The spring season is upon us! Bring out your tie-dyes, your flower wreaths, your patchwork pants, your gardening gloves and your peace signs, for we’re due for another edition of Yeah, we're special. the Space Cadet hash!
Join your hare in the wilds of Six Mile Creek, starting from the Juniper Drive entrance to the Ithaca Rec Way for a fun-filled romp in the woods. Bring along gloves and a plastic bag or two to help clean up litter along the way, and in return for your selflessness you will be supplied with tasty treats and fun goodies of all sorts.Bonuses go to the one who collects the most trash, the one who brings back the largest single item of refuse, and those who bring virgins and cums-latelies.