IH3 Trail #655: Upper Buttermilk

Who:  Reach Around Hound, Twatzilla, and Spike
What: A trail, or a poor attempt at one!  Either way there will be
beer and other surprises!
When:  Sunday **1:69pm** or Whenever the hares sober up enough to lay trail
Where:  The South entrance to Buttermilk Falls Park on Comfort Road
just north of the intersection of Yaple and Comfort Road.  (look for
the HHH)
Why: Because Reach Around Hound returned to Ithaca and Twatzilla
demanded a trail.
What to bring:  Virgins, love of lager, 5$ hash cash, vessels of
choice, keys for shot-guns, shiggy protective attire, up to date
tetanus shots, change of cloths, thirst, virgins, and if your want a
beverage other than cheep beer, beverage of choice.


Reach Around Hound and Twatzilla
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