IH3 # 701: Mi-Shigg-an Hollow Cranium Hash!

Fiends! Roamers! Country Bumpkins!

Lend me your beers!

​ ‘Tis time once again for a return to the fertile nesting grounds of the trogglehumpers and bogtrotters! Dress ye well in bright seasonal colors for the hunt is on*!

Meet your trail guides–Tastes Like 10th Grade, Evil Spike (Good Spike doesn’t set trail), and Master Baster–at 1:69PM HST** this Sunday on Mi-Shigg-an Hollow Road [the “y” is invisibl and silent] for a trail you may not soon forget.

There will be good beer, worse shiggy, and horrible views***.


~Lord M. von Basterton III, RA, Esq.
​* – It being hunting season, bring leashes, and take care that your hound doesn’t look any more like a woodland creature.
** – Timing due to hunting season.
*** – What kind of butts are those that don’t squats? ​