IH3 #699: Gone Cuntry!

Cum one cum all to the 2nd semi-anal Gone Cuntry Hash in the wilds of Summerhill, set by your dutifully dirty half minds Male Bait and Nurse TaKillYa.   Trail will commence at 2:69 HST from 726 Lick St. in  Summerhill, NY.

…and because Male Bait and Nurse are rabid Bills fans, trail will have a football theme!
Gone Cuntry FAQ

How long is trail?
Long enough for some, not long enough for others.  Like your penis.
Is trail dog-friendly? 
Sadly, no.  Hounds must be left at home, for the safety of our dogs and the horses who live at the above address.
What if I bring my dog anyway? 
We’ll leave your a$$ in the driveway with nothing but water and barn chores, and Nurse won’t show you her bewbs.
What if I get lost? 
Call Nurse 607-423-0187.
Football, really? 
Yes.  It is football Sunday and Nurse is missing a Bills game to set trail for you.  Cum as your favorite player, cum on er, as a cheerleader, be a smarta$$ and wear a soccer jersey …