IH3 #690: Double Your 6/9 Pleasure

Hey Fellow Half-Minds!  I’m so glad to see so much chatter concerning trail this weekend!  Some of you have questions, questions and here are some answers;
Yes! It’s 6/9 AND it’s the #690th Ithaca Hash! How effing cool is THAT!?!?  So, in honor of a very cool cirCUMstance – I would like to proudly announce the DOUBLE YOUR (69) PLEASURE Hash!!
Bring a friend and dress them up like your twin! Bonus points if your twin is a virgin! Extra bonus points if your twin is actually your real-life twin! If you don’t have a friend, you better be dressed like Victor/Victoria or Yin/Yang (and I’m sorry about your lack of friend).
I would also like to announce that Just Katie will be my co-hare (I found a friend! Whew!)!
Trail will start at 2:69HST in the Northwest corner of the parking lot behind Rite Aid on Pine Tree Rd. in Ithaca.  You can’t miss it.  If you do miss it, call or text 607-339-8022 and ask for Tasty.  She will scold you and hand the phone to someone who can give better d’erections.
Doggies may need to be leashed for some parts of trail.
Expect about 4 miles of trail. Possible T/E in the making for overachievers, haven’t decided yet.
Expect Tasty treats!
Bring your hash prizes that you keep forgetting at home!
Expect a lot of exclamation points!!!!!
On-On-On-On (See how I doubled that, there?),

-Tastes Like 10th Grade