IH3 #682: Steak & BJ Day

What has steak, blow jobs, and birthdays all rolled in to one? Sunday’s trail!!
Hares: Head, Nurse and PG (I know your dreams have come true already!)
Where: Head’s house: 61 Straits Corners Rd, Candor NY.    Stop whining, it’s not that far. Plus, we have only hashed here ONCE before.. so, you are in for a treat. And, the hot tub is ready. Repeat: The hot tub is ready! Oh, and warm circle in the barn with HEAT, and BBQ BABY!!! I think PG is bringing non-meat options for all you people who don’t like to eat furry animals. (she’s so nice, isn’t she?) For everyone else…. WE HAVE LOTS OF MEAT!!
When: 2:69 HST. NOTE the TIME CHANGE WANKS. Since day light savings happened, we go an hours later! Warm weather is cuming!! (someday)
Theme: Green eggs and Spam! (and birthday cake) So where some green shit, or wear your green dress that has vomit on it from the previous day, I don’t care. Extra points allotted to those who are green, and are dressed as a Dr. Seuss character. 😉
Hope to see you all there!
On-steak,b-days,and blow-jobs