IH3 #679: Stupid Bowl Hash!

Welcome to the Annual Stupid Bowl Hash! Start at the Lady Bug Pub 3447 West Seneca Road Trumansburg NY 2:69 PM Stupor Hash Time.  Come stumble through the woods, try you hand at some football follies, come help us ponder questions, like: why do football players who make millions of dollars a year get caught for DWI?
Come and drink some beer — we currently have Ithaca Nut Brown, Yingling, Keystone, and Hard Cider on tap.  Feel Free to stay for the big game and get high on all the beer commercials.  We will have food a plenty for after the hash and during the game.
Give us a heads up (head who said head) if you will attend so we can make sure we have the right amount of foot.  Feel free to wear your favorite team clothing (even if they did not make the super bowl)
UFO and Bedside Pole Dancer