Hash #994

Get loaded up in your woody for a good old fashioned surfin’ safari as B.V.D. and Reverse Penguin bring you this beachin’ trail.

Got a Hawaiian shirt you stopped wearing after the boogaloo tried to be a thing? Wear it. Got a sweet sun visor? Wear it. Thick sunscreen for your nose? Wear it. Bikini? Wear it. Speedo? Wear it. Floaties? Wear them. Those little things that attach to sunglasses so you don’t lose them in the surf? Wear them.
We will be setting trail in the tasty waves of Finger Lakes National Forrest. Will it be wet? If we can find water. Bring a dry bag or something just in case.

It is going to be another hot one so maybe also bring water on trail with you.

Anyway, here are the deets:
Who: You
What: This beach themed trail
Where: Finger Lakes National Forest Interloken Trail at Mathews Rd
When: Sunday August 7, 2022 12:69HST
Why: It’s a hashing day
How: Bring along 5 buckaroos unless you’re a virgin then it’s free.
On-After: Bedside and UFO’s Ladybug Pub (More details to cum but there is a pool so bring your swimmies)