Hash #993

Well howdy there, buckaroos:

Are you ready for another rootin’ tootin’ good time. Strap on your spurs, irons, and anything else you want to strap on, and join us in the lightly hashed wilds just west of Corning for an Old West themed trail. It’s the second anal “An American Trail: Ithaca Goes West”, brought to you by the very experienced hares Reverse Penguin and Miss D’Erection.

This trail will have it all. Shiggy: you bet. Water crossings: depends on the rain but probably not. Blood on trail: probably. Shots: you bet your sweet ass there is. Beers: Fuck yeah.

So bring your virgins, awards, dogs (there may be a small amount of road crossing at the start, leashes as needed), what have yous. Bug Spray

On after will be a mere 30 steps from closing circle. Grilling, bonfire, yard games, hot tub. Bring a tent, plenty of space for those. If you want to show up early to setup, good on me.

There is also a super cool patch to be had. It may or may not look like the one above.

When: Saturday July 30th at 2:69 HST

Where: Reverse Penguin and Miss D’Erection’s Place

3390 Beeman Hollow Road, Addison, NY 

How much? 5$

Parking: The driveway wraps around to a lower parking area with room for 7–8 cars. If full, park along the top of the driveway. If still full park out by the barn. I’ll be there to direct as needed.