Hash #960

Sunday’s Hash will begin at 1:69 pm at 5150 Cold Springs Road, Trumansburg.

Turn in by the strawberry flag and drive down the gravel driveway past the strawberry fields full of fresh, ripe strawberries, and continue to the pond where you will see a big white tent. Chalk talk will be held there. Wear a fruit-themed piece of attire to celebrate the Strawberry Hash.

Will there be strawberries and ice cream at the On-In? Possibly. Will there be something to grill? Perhaps. Is that a diving board and zip line over the pond? Looks like it. Can I bring my innertube? Yes, if it hasn’t burst during Friday’s float. Will it be hot? Yes. Will it be wet? Yes. Will you be hot and wet? So many questions – come seek the answers as you search for beer in the wilds of Trumansburg.