Hash #933

Cum one cum all!  As we welcome IH3 back to magnificent Munchie Manor for a revisit of our yearly barnyard hash.

When: Sunday, August 23rd at 2:69 pm

Where: Casa de Munchbox at 340 Warren road– right next to the Cornell golf course.

What: To expect? There will be beers! There will be shots! There will be hash views! There will be safety! And last but not least, there will be shiggy (including lots of water and poison ivy patches).

There can be well behaved hounds. Though be warned that, as is the nature of the beast at Munchies, there are going to be several road crossings. Leashes will be required at times.

And hopefully some hashy virgins, who are, as always, requested, expected, inspected, and accepted. 😋

Hash Theme: bring your best and greenest hashy dress attire, as I am bringing back the green dress theme that I was planning before this pandemic mess started. SO! We will be green and we will be beautiful!! 😋 (complete with a mask if so desired).

On a safety note: as the unofficial safety director I’d like to extend a friendly reminder to everyone to keep a hop skip and a jump between each other as we dance around with our beautiful dresses and tutus for all to see. Safety 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 😉

We will observe social distancing at the barn on after, and there will be snacks and munchies, hehe, for people to enjoy.  On on on