Hash #932

Shark Week (oo-ha-ha) begins Sunday, August 9th! So, OF COURSE, That’s our theme!
2:69 Sunday, Take a bite out of South Hill Recway.
Toothy grins will not be in short supply as we search for fins and beer in the depths of Six Mile Creek.
Bring your sharpest Shark Week Attire, complete with a mask. Remember to keep at least the length of a Whitetip Reef Shark between Hashers so all injuries will be Shark or Shiggy-related!
Hounds welcome, leashed and well behaved.
Shark’s only kill about 5 people a year, so bring Virgins, they are hungry. PREPARE TO GET WET!

Meet at 42°26’01.5″N 76°29’23.8″W.