Hash #529: Trojan Surprise!

Good afternoon beloved half-minds!

This weekend marks the great Trojan Surprise Hash, taking place in the wild and woolly arbors of Hector National Forest. On Sunday the 27th at 2:18pm, the intrepid hash departs from the vicinity of Burdick Hill Road. Your hares, Unidentified Feathered Orifice, Bedside Pole Dancer, Liquor Harder and yours truly, plan a trail of delightful fun and excitement. We plan to prepare some tasty warm comestibles and a variety of beer, all for the crowd’s varying tastelessness.

I have it on good authority that there is a warm cabin in trail’s vicinity, providing a respite from the elements. All the same, plan to run around in frigid weather, so warm socks, gloves and hats are ideal. As such, I do not plan to show up in short-shorts, fishnets, a feather boa and combat boots. You’re lucky – for now.
MAP! http://snipurl.com/1y0br

Indelibly yours,

~Master Baster