Hash #1051

Spring is in the hare! But, the weather seems to suggest otherwise? What better way to celebrate off-season weather with an off-week trail on an off-day?! That’s right, Ithaca Hash House Harriers’ one thousand and fifty somethingth trail will be occurring this saturday, March 23, at 1:69pm!

With spring allegedly in the air, I reckon a The Birds and The Beers type theme is in order. What does that mean? Who TF knows! If you have bird, bee, beer, or general fornication related attire in your wardrobe, rock that shit!

This trail will be hastily thrown together by your hares, Spluigi and…others! Meet us at the bottom corner of A-lot on Cornell’s North Campus at 1:69 o’clock (2:00 pm) on, again, SATURDAY. You might even have a good time, but I promise nothing.

Hash cash $5, leashed virgins and doggos welcome.

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ULDjPJJAE2CRdSKq7?g_st=ic