Beast-Or-Egg: Hash #590

Don your bonnets and grab your baskets!  It’s time to come hop along another Beast-or-Egg Hash trail this Saturday in Taughannock Falls State Park!
Trail starts at 2:69 PM HST at the South entrance to Taughannock Falls Park (near the boat launch area). Directions!

The trail will be around 2 miles, or less and is “relatively” kid friendly.  If you’ve been before, you know what’s in store.  If not, ask questions!

Circle may take place at the park, or Chez Floss.  Either way, there will be a party afterwards Chez Floss where we will consume our goodies.  Feel free to bring other items to eat if you wish to.  Also, feel free to retrieve your dishes from previous parties before I claim them permanently as my own.

on-Basket Case-on!!!