Ithaca Hash #564: Stinko de Mayo

Hash #564: Sunday, May 3rd, 15:00 HDT

Hares: Always a Bridesmaid and Just Torrey

Location: Northside Wine and Spirits.

Details: This Sunday’s Stinko de Mayo hash starts at 3pm HST from a truly magical location — Northside Wine and Spirits, aka DiscoBev for the happenin’ cats. The road whores will be returning and will be eager for more beer and debauchery. On-after to follow trail.

D’erections: Get into Ithaca. On Route 13 south, make the turn by K-Mart into the large parking lot that contains Taco Bell and DiscoBev. Still lost: see maps

One Comment on “Ithaca Hash #564: Stinko de Mayo

  1. please cum and join us for my virgin haring! Trail is sure to be full of surprises and an awesome on-after is to follow.