IH3 #750: March to Virgil Madness

Hey wankers –  IT’S SPRING! And this Sunday is IH3 750*!!!!!
*In Spike We Trust, I can barely count to three flour markings.
So get out of hibernation and come play with us in Cortland!  Hares Deer Near, Kickstand, and One Trick Dick (ordered alphabetically by height) have all the trail and drinks needed to get you through your  hashing withdrawal!
Theme, like college basketball or weather, is March Madness, so wear anything you think is appropriate (which could turn into Marsh Madness or Mush Madness based on the rainy weather over next couple days, so any attire for that also appropriate).
When:  Sunday Sunday Sunday March 29 2015, 2:69 HST
Where:  DEC parking Lot on Clute Road in Cortland by Pipeline Road.  (2500 Clute Road, Cortland NY will get you closeish, call a hare if you get lost).
What to Expect:  Awesomeness.  Dog Friendly Trail. Merriment.
What to Bring:  Hash cash, towel, virgins, sense of adventure, change of dry clothes and shoes.  If you have snowshoes or trax, consider bringing them; hares will advise at start of trail if they are advisable based on conditions from when we set.